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Turqpower Generator
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Turqpower Generator
Our vision

Quality and honest service to everyone as a solution partner in the industry thinks we’re trying to serve to resolve the shortage.

Our mission

Trade is drawn frame in ethics; innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach is to become a leading economic solution partner in our region.

Our Principles

Quality First

To count main principle "Quality First" all above the others, to serve all the customers in the high quality level regardless the size, location etc..

Development and Innovation

To monitor the development in business World and to adapt the new technologies in the production line.

By the principle of "time is irreversible" , to handover the projects on time.
Best Company

The principle is not be the largest company, but the best. To make business in all the respect with the physical and the social eviroment of the customer, and also with the staff in the company.

Within the belief of “success is possible with the well trained staff”, to organize the on job or special trainings.
Proper solutions

To figure out the potential risks that may arise with the senior staff.
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