Dongfeng Series Diesel Generator Sets - Turqpower Diesel Generator

Turqpower Generator
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Turqpower Generator
TP-DF Dongfeng Series
Diesel Generator Sets
Frecuency Hz :
50Voltage VAC:230/400
Dongfeng Series Diesel Generator Sets
EThe subsidiary company Shanghai Dongfeng Diesel Engine Institution, established in 1993, belongs to Shanghai Science Committee.
For more than twenty years, the company has been specializing in manufacturing diesel engine, covering power from 60kw to 968kw,with series of Power Station Diesel Engine,
Marine Diesel Engine, Drilling Diesel Engine, Fire Fighting Diesel Engine and diesel engine parts.

The products are widely in application in areas of engineering machinery, power generation equipments, marine, agricultural machinery etc

Model PowerEngine ModelNo. of Cylinders
& Type
Technical Datasheet
Stand byPrime
TP - DF 220220176200160SY129TD17
6 - LineDownload
TP - DF 285285228260208SY129TAD23
6 - Line
TP - DF 330330264300240
6 - Line
TP - DF 385385308350280
6 - Line
TP - DF 460460368420336SYG142TAD38
6 - Line
TP - DF 515515412470375SYG258TAD45
12 - Vee
TP - DF 570570456520416SYG258TAD51
12 - Vee
TP - DF 630630585504468SYG266TAD56
12 - Vee
TP - DF 715715572650520SYG266TAD63
12 - Vee
TP - DF 825825660750600SY283TAD72
12 - Vee
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